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I am drawn to building and delivering thoughtful, imaginative and emotive projects with a strong sense of community.


I believe that stories should be told about interesting lives, and all lives are interesting. I have a passion for helping people to tell their own story, and if there is a project whereby we can do that, then I'll try and wiggle my way in!


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I have worked on some exciting projects throughout my career; from performing at The Edinburgh Fringe, touring shows and workshops in Italy and directing shows in Switzerland; to connecting with Dementia Patients through role play and to writing plays for young people to perform.


If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch and I'd be happy to meet for a cup of tea.

…the parents were very impressed with the children’s performance of Romeo and Juliet. It was great to see those children who can struggle when they feel exposed and vulnerable, participate fully and the change in one little boy (who couldn’t join in and the beginning) was huge. I am often sceptical about ‘buying in ‘ activities as often they are not something I couldn’t have done myself, however, my opinion was changed! The children loved it, the class was controlled calmly and those trickier children responded well- worth every penny spent and I learnt a lot. It was a treat to be able to sit back and watch.




Bicester Community Hospital and Cooper School (2020)

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Supported by SOAL Theatre, OYAP Trust and Creating with Care, IntergerACTION is an intergenerational project involving sixth form students from The Cooper School in Bicester and patients from Bicester Community Hospital. Students will be given tools, training and techniques in reminiscence theatre to gather stories about patients that they meet and get to know . These stories will be curated into podcasts, play scripts and art work and presented back to patients and wider Bicester Community later in the year. Sadly, due to Covid-19 – we have had to suspend this project part way through.

The Power of Drama

Wizard Theatre (2019 - 2020)

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The Power of Drama takes place over 6 weeks, working with primary school pupils who would benefit from developing their soft skills and confidence. The children gain so much from the focussed work and teachers see their development transfer through to the classroom too. These projects are run by Wizard Theatre and I facilitate them.

Around The World in Eighty Days

Encore Theatre (2019)

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This project lasted a week with the participants, but we were planning and writing the script months ahead! This was a ‘Put on a Play in a week’ project. The participants arrived on the Monday and by Friday afternoon, we needed a fully formed and decent piece of theatre to share with our audience. The young participants were the actors, stage managers, prop makers and costume designers. Lots of fun, lots of mayhem and lots of talent!

Writer's Week: School of Creativity

Creation Theatre (2019)

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I spent the week with a group of teenagers who were keen to try their hand at playwriting. I designed the week so that is was a crash course into playwriting, sharing examples of many different styles of work, talking about structure, tips on how to develop character and giving the young writers lots of games and exercises to try out. All of this culminated into a rehearsed reading of their scripts – they were all very excited to hear their words come to life and a fantastic way to engage teenagers with writing.

All The School's A Stage

La Garenne International, Switzerland (2019)

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An international school in Switzerland were interested in some drama workshops for their students – but I suggested we put on a play in two days instead and they agreed, although concerned with our ambition (note: most of their students do not speak English as their first language). We had two days to get to know the students and then block and rehearse a 75 minute show with 100+ students (in a very small room). We wove a collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales together and the determination and commitment from the students and teachers was overwhelming – safe to say this was a project that Diana (co director) and I will remember for a long time!

Jekyll and Hyde

The Ashmolean Museum (2018)

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I wrote an abridged version of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for teenagers to perform at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford as part of their halloween show SPELLBOUND: Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft.

How To Make A Hero

Theatretrain at Royal Albert Hall (2016)

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I was one of many directors on this enormous show with 6 – 18 year olds. We spent one year rehearsing the most carefully choregraphed movement scenes and the young people performed in The Royal Albert Hall to a packed out audience.

Two Degrees

The University of Birmingham (2014 - 2015)

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I took part in the practical part of PHD research as a performer.

The Way of Things

The University of Sheffield (2013)

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I took part in the practical part of PHD research as a performer and collaborator.